Etiquette in a Las Vegas Strip Club

If you’ve seen movies like “The Hangover”, you might have visions of people tearing their own teeth out with pliers and bachelor parties being accompanied by live tigers to strip clubs. Basically, you may think anything goes in a Las Vegas strip club. This is usually not the standard night out at a strip club.

You may be surprised to know There are definitely things that will get you tossed out of a strip club. Yes even in Las Vegas. We’ve put together a quick list of etiquette you might want to be aware of when you come to Sin City and plan your strip club trek. Let’s start with the basics.

What is a lap dance?

If you haven’t been to a strip club before, this may be a question that you’re afraid to ask.

When you’re seated at a strip club, you don’t have to worry about getting a dancer’s attention. Expect to be approached by multiple dancers throughout the night.  The dancer will approach you and ask how you’re doing, if she can have a seat, and just start chatting. They’re masters at flirting. Even though you know they don’t mean it… for some reason it still works on your ego.

As the current song is finishing up, she’ll ask if you’d like a dance. If you like the girl, you oblige and when the next song starts playing, she’ll start sensually gyrating and make her way onto or in between your lap. Please keep your clothes on at all times. She’ll take her top off (in topless clubs) and continue getting sensual, rubbing her body up against yours, boobs, butt, etc. Yes, it’s okay to get turned on. Again, please keep your pants on. Most of the time it’s okay to touch her in non-intrusive areas, but you may want to ask what’s on and off limits. Be aware of your hands.

Don’t go on stage

This might seem rather obvious, but you’d be incredibly surprised at the amount of men who seem to believe the other patrons enjoying the beautiful women show off their incredible bodies, will somehow get a kick out of seeing them dance on one of the poles. Now,this is not to say your friends might have a private party setup for you for your bachelor party where the girls pull you on stage. That’s different. The girls own the stage, fellas stay off.

Expect that your visit will cost you money

The dancer is there to make as much money as possible during her shift. Lap dances are usually $20, but can vary from club to club and sometimes girl to girl. Some girls will only do 3 dances for $100. That’s $33.33/dance in case you need to report it to your accountant. Sometimes the girls will give a discount if you commit to more than one dance. This saves them time bouncing around the club looking for another interested visitor.  Some girls end the dance with “That’s $20 plus tip”.

If the girl sits with you because you and your wallet need a bit of a break, you may want to prepare to buy her an overpriced drink when the waitress comes over.

That being said, if you plan on being Cheapo McCheapFace when you visit, then don’t bother. We’re not saying you need to take your bills and make it rain, but if every lap dance is a car purchasing negotiation, you should go home and play your video games.

Be aware! If you go to a VIP room, the meter starts running and you may be paying a premium for the privacy even if you’re only chatting away with the stripper. You may not even know it until you leave and she says “That’ll be $1200.” We don’t want to give dancers a bad name, most are great, but like anything else, people just see a way to a quick buck and someone who won’t give much pushback.

Don’t be belligerant

We were tempted to write “belligerent drunk”, but we’ve all encountered sober belligerent people so we didn’t want to exclude them.  You may feel the need to nit-pick about your lap dance- yes the songs are shorter than the original versions and most girls won’t allow you to do whatever you’d like with your hands on them. Either way, if you haven’t received the lap dance you wanted, just suck it up, pay, and don’t get another from her.

We recommend watching your girl dance for someone else (if your heart can stand it), to make sure that’s the type of dance you’re looking for then make eye contact, and we’re pretty sure she’ll notice and come by.