What to Wear to a Strip Club in Las Vegas

Strip Clubs in Las Vegas are a great place to go after your night out at one of the world famous nightclubs on and off the Strip. However with Day Clubs being such a hot thing to do as well, some people may think they can stroll from the pool to the strip club in their flip flops and bathing suit. Strip Clubs in Sin City want you to feel comfortable and have a good time, but not at the expense of making their club look like a slop-house. Think of the term: “Gentleman’s Club”.

People also think, “Well the girls are fully nude, so as long as I wear clothes, it should suffice!”. Sorry, this is false as well.

So what should you wear to a strip club? Most of the strip clubs in Vegas have strict rules on dress codes that actually aren’t that strict, so it should be too tough to comply. Clubs in Vegas define “Casual dress” different ways. Some may vary, but these are general for most.

Wear Pants. That goes for the strip clubs as well as nightclubs. Shorts are a no-no. You don’t have to wear a suit, nice jeans or dress pants will do just fine. Make sure your jeans don’t look like garbage. No rips and tears in them, no super baggy jeans worn halfway down your butt. If you only have big jeans, wear a belt. No sweatpants, save them for the gym.

Footwear. No sandals, slides, or flip flops. They may have couches and lounge chairs there, but this isn’t your couch at home. Wear shoes, boots, or those trendy type relaxed sneakers.

No gang affiliated or offensive clothing. Strip clubs in Sin City are strict against this. No amount of money is worth a brawl or violence as we’ve seen in the past.

No hats. Wear a hat if you plan on playing baseball or if you’re trying to keep the sun out of your eyes. The strip club is not the place.

Shirts. We know it’s “curls for the girls”, and you’re proud that you’ve been working those arms. But this isn’t the place to fish for compliments, though we’re sure you’ll get some from the girls anyway. No sleeveless shirts, tanks, or t-shirts you’d wear in the house.

Try to dress as if you actually want to impress a date.